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Web Rental

Micro Genie Web Design Paying up front for website design is a thing of the past. Get Micro Genie Web Rental and let your business fly.

No matter whether you sell online, on the high street or direct to other businesses, you can bet your customers will be using the internet to find out more about you. That’s why every business that’s serious about sales should have a great website – and first impressions count. A professionally designed, hosted and promoted website gives your business the edge over the competition, engaging customers with your products and services and driving business direct to your door.

Professionally designed and built websites have often been outside of the reach of smaller businesses – but not any more. The Micro Genie Web Rental plan is designed to fit the needs of the small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) who want to maximise their profits without impacting on their bank balance. By renting a website with regular monthly payments rather than paying one large amount up front, you can put your best foot forward on the web to compete with the big boys.

Micro Genie Web Rental – the nuts and bolts

Small monthly payments mean small returns, right? Wrong. The Micro Genie Web Rental plan gives you everything you’d expect from a highly skilled web design & development – no compromises, no templates, no shortcuts. It’s a beautifully flexible website rental plan which puts you in control, letting you decide exactly what you want. Let’s check it out:

Micro Genie Web Design
We take care of everything. We manage your web presence from start to finish – registering your domain names, secure web hosting and setting up all your email addresses. If you’re not much of an IT geek, or just prefer to get on with the important stuff like running your business, this will be music to your ears.
Bespoke, original website design to fit your business personality. Your website won’t just look great, it also won’t look like anyone else’s. We’ll take a host of factors into account such as your branding, your business sector and your style preferences to create a highly contemporary, unique web design which will last the test of time.
Size matters. Your Micro Genie Web Rental site can be as small or as large as you need. Just need one page? No problem. Need to get your entire product range online? Leave it to us.
Fully tailored to your business requirements. If you need e-commerce, customer relationship management, social network feeds or web video, you’ve got them. If you don’t, you won’t. You pay for exactly what you need, nothing else - and your customers benefit from a site which meets their needs too.
It’s search engine friendly. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is built into every site Micro Genie creates, meaning that your site has a much greater chance of appearing high up the search engine results when people search for businesses like yours. For more information on how this helps you reach those hard-to-get clients, take a look at the Micro Genie SEO Guide.
From launch to infinity – an entire web management plan. Your business never stands still and neither should your website. That’s why we provide an optional Content Management System (CMS) to keep your website updated as often as you choose – including news articles, new products, price changes and additional web pages. This can even include the facility to help you keep in touch with your customers via email campaigns, inciting them to return time and again to your website and keep on buying. Of course, if you prefer to manage any aspect of this yourself, you can – you’re always in control.