Web Promotion

Micro Genie Web Design So you’ve got a website. What’s next?

If you’re going to make the wise investment into a professional website design, it makes business sense to ensure you have professional advice and support to help you promote your website effectively to the people who are looking for your services.

Micro Genie is an industry expert in the complex field of website promotion and can help you get your online business off to a flying start by making your site easy to find on the web. No matter how dynamic, attractive or feature-rich your website is, unless you take website promotion seriously then it won’t perform to the best of its potential – and it won’t generate you additional business.

A Micro Genie Website Promotion plan takes your business objectives, target customer base and direct competition into account in order to create a fully flexible marketing tool to push your business to the next level. Here’s just a few of the ways we can help make your online business a resounding success.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO, as it’s more commonly known, is the method of making your website more attractive to search engines such as Google and Bing – meaning that when people search for your services your site appears higher up the results on the page, increasing the chances of clickthroughs to your website.

SEO comes in two flavours - internal and external. Internal SEO is the process of structuring your website and coding so that search engines can easily understand what you’re about - so when someone searches for your goods or services, the search engine runs off to find you. Micro Genie creates all its websites with internal SEO in mind so that from the off, your website is helping promote you via the search engines.

Micro Genie Web Design It’s not just about coding - your website content should be written with SEO and website promotion in mind too. If you need help creating search engine friendly copy which also gets your customers champing at the bit to buy from you, check out our SEO copywriting page.

External SEO, on the other hand, gives your website credibility in the eyes of the search engines by getting other high-quality websites to link to yours (known as a ’backlink’). Simply put, this means that the more people who are talking about you and your services on the web, the larger the amount of references and links to you are out there on other websites – and that makes search engines happy. Micro Genie knows all the tricks to get your name online in all the right places and where to target to get the most impact.

Online Marketing

SEO is only one part of a full website promotion strategy to get your site noticed over and above your competitors. Micro Genie is a master at using other canny marketing methods to drive the right traffic to your website using proven techniques such as Google Pay-Per-Click campaigns.

We’ll help you choose the keywords that your customers use to find you, manage your spend and provide easy to understand reports so you can check on how your marketing is working for you. Not only that, we’ll closely analyse these results and continually update your online marketing tactics to ensure you get the best return for your bucks.