Web Copywriting

Communicating what’s great about your business is harder than it looks. Why leave anything to chance?

It’s a fact that no-one knows your business like you do. However, if you’ve ever tried to put this knowledge into the written word you’ll know how difficult it is to write dynamic, informative copy that appeals directly to your target audience and really makes your business shine.

In addition, writing website copy is an art form in itself. A huge part of getting your website up the search engine rankings lies within the words on the web page and how they’re used. It’s no longer enough to write attractive, helpful copy that your customers will identify with and which describes your business accurately; you need to have the skills to create SEO optimisedcopy which includes specific ‘keywords’ that your customers are using to search for your services online. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to writing SEO copy – there’s a host of other factors that can give your business the edge over the competition.

Micro Genie Web Design Our website copywriting services include:

skilled examination of your business requirements, in conjunction with sophisticated analysis tools, to identify those winning keywords to help drive you up the search engine rankings
competitor analysis to make sure that when we’re talking keywords, we’re identifying untapped gems with high commercial value that get results
in-depth discussions with your team to understand precisely what you offer and how we can use your website copy to get your customers to sit up and beg
precise copy written to excellent standards of English – there’s no greater turn-off for customers than sloppy copy or spelling mistakes
copy written to your chosen tone, theme and style (or if you’re at a loss, we’ll even suggest the right way to ‘talk’ to your customers for maximum effect)
fast turnaround and revision time built-in for complete satisfaction

Make no bones about it - copy can make or break a website’s success. Writing your own copy is akin to buying a private jet and piloting it yourself – it’s a very risky business. So why not contact Micro Genie to find out more about professional copywriting? It’s more affordable than you might think and in these competitive times can make all the difference between winning and losing.